Enchanted Quest


a guide to
practising magically

Enchanted Quest

What is Enchanted Quest?

Enchanted Quest is an adventure game for teachers of bowed string instruments to share with their primary school aged students of any level of ability.

Beautiful artwork and over 1000 activities support your teaching content for the development and consolidation of:

Level 1
posture and instrument balance
coordination and fluency
preliminary use of the bow
left hand accuracy and dexterity

Level 2 and 3
listening acuity
slurs, hook stroke, portato,
linked martelé, unlinked hook stroke

Level 4 and 5
mental and physical stamina
flexible use of bow strokes

Enchanted Quest offers each student a unique pathway, and provides a construct for future problem solving.

So if you have students who need help to know:
how to practise scales…
what ‘success’ looks like…
that ‘near enough’ is not quite enough…


…Then why not take them on a magical journey through an enchanted forest in search of the


‘Map of Thuringia, 1650.
https: //www.vintage-maps.com/en/antique-maps/europe/germany/janssonius-germany-thuringia-1650::621

In the holidays, my brother and I made all of the beacons out of Lego.

Aaron (9)

Many parents ask me how I get Abby to practice her scales. I go on to explain the Enchanted Forest and they immediately require your contact details!

Mum of Abby (6)

Me to Eden: “Eden, do you realise that you’ve played your scale 16 times already this lesson?”

Eden to me: “Can I do it again?”

Eden (10)

My student refused to leave the classroom without the map. Her sister had to carry her out!

Marianne (teacher)

It’s brain gym.

Alison (teacher)


Jack (9)



You are at
forest edge.

Do you choose